Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shoestrings of Death

I hate shoestrings nowadays. None of the really cool ones are long enough for normal shoes anymore. I received an awesome pair of Gir (Yay! Gir!) shoelaces for Christmas-ish kinda. Anyways I wear wide vans skate shoes, after the horrible struggle of getting them laced; I come to find that they are not even long enough to tie! Apparently this is the next step in American laziness. ‘Parently they are made wide so they don’t loosen your shoes, but you still don’t have to tie them. I think this is retarded, I want to tie my damn shoes! I know I could go back to my old shoelaces which worked just fine, but damn it, I like my new Gir ones, well only if they would tie.

The hair has changed once again!! Yay no more horrible roots or weird peach orange hair. Once I get access to a digital camera or phone with half-way decent picture taking I will hopefully be able to show you all.

I played with table saws and a screwdriver today w00t!

Ooohh and for all of you web-comic fans out there…I know your there it’s okay. I have found a teh awesome website that has a large selection of alcoholic beverages based on various web-comics. Some of them aren't really alcoholic beverages... but rather attempts at comedy. So ya know if it says cyanide or anti-freeze you really shouldn’t drink it, because you know, ya might die! But they are funny and awesome!



Mandy said...

Sorry babe, the laces thing is everywhere. Only the kids straight out of jv detention actually have laces that tie. Everyone else has the too thick to do anything laces. But they come in lots of colors and patterns. :)

I heart the electric staple guns and the table saws. Now I miss the shop....darn you.

La Petite Fleur (AKA Tessa) said...

ah, darn... i really wanted to drink anti-freeze and fry my insides in a very painful manner ... you take all the fun out of every little thing... =P

Rose said...

I concur, shoe laces are for tying.