Thursday, January 11, 2007

50 minutes and counting:

Until what you ask? Well duh, until 6 P.M. silly goose. And now you are probably wondering what is happening at 6 P.M. this evening, well aren't you just nosy...fine if you insist on knowing I have a dinner date. I am nervous and excited and have been going AHHHH SQUEEE AHHHH WEEE AHHHH all afternoon. I always work myself up for nothing, and so to keep myself semi-calm I have done the dishes, changed my bed sheets, and am now posting a blog, fun huh? Tomorrow concludes the first week of classes, and I actually think this semester is going to be good. I am taking Stagecraft where they are letting me play with all sorts of fun things like table saws, hand saws, jigsaws, drills, metal grinders, drill presses, oo and the most fun are the staple and nail guns! hooray! Yes I promise not to kill myself or harm myself with any of them, and yes we are quizzed on safety before we get to play with them. I am also taking Historical Geology, Dramatic Lit II, and yet another acting class.

I am all moved into my new apartment, yes I have moved yet again. This time I am living alone in a gorgeous studio apartment. The Squidy is living on her own and I am loving every minute of it. Not that I regret living in Flock Hall or up on the hill with Jen I am just excited to be able to do whatever I want whenever I want and not have to worry (too much) about disturbing anybody else ( I do apparently have a cranky downstairs neighbor, so that means no parties at Squid's). I am by no means unpacked yet, but have a good chunk of it done, all I need now is a desk, a chair, maybe another book case, and maybe a love seat. I have a closet almost the size of the one I lived in Flock Hall it is fabulous!!!

I have become a sickly one, and I am very upset about this because damn it, it is the first week of school! and I have a date tonight! Thanks to Airborne and Decongestants, I am feeling better than I was this morning after a night of horrible dreams on NyQuil.

*breathes and gets ready to answer the door*


Anonymous said...

Repeat after me: I rock, and this date will be FAB! Well, you're already on it, but I'm sure it's going well, as you DO rock. Congrats on the new place, and I fear for your safety in the presence of power tools. Do not be shocked if every time I see you I count your fingers to ensure there are still 10. Smoooooooooch!

Anonymous said...

Your date will have gone fabulously by the time you read this....or hopefully will still be going.

Ya for living alone! You'll do great!

~A said...

I have full faith that you won't be hacking off any body parts...perhaps because I have faith in the stage craft masters that will be overseeing you, but faith nonetheless.

Hope the date went well!

Rose said...

Nyquil is evil. It gives me the worst nightmares. I hate Nyquil. Anyways I love your new apartment and I'm glad your date went squeepiddlyrific! And yes, now we get to the nailguns. I will have to kill you if you injur yourself, so watch out my love! Byebyeiloveyou!