Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Life Doesn't Slow Down

So, both of the theater productions I was working on are now over. I won't know if Fur is going onto to Regionals of the American College Theater Festival until probably the end of the semester. Does that mean I am any less busy, no of course not. What was I thinking that I would have downtime? I go crazy with down time so I find ways to fill it.

Apparently it has been a good couple weeks to be a squid, a lot has happened. Have been to see to more concerts down in Colorado, both of which were some of the best I have ever been to, and yes that is really saying something. On Friday the 26th it was Architecture in Helsinki with MightyMightyM at the Ogden in Denver. These guys are a lot of fun, really dancey but odd lyrics, I love it, they make me happy. This past Saturday my good friend Kel and I took off to the hippie mountains of Boulder to see Tegan and Sara!!! It was everything I would have hoped one of their concerts would have been. Their new album is awesome, if you have ever liked them check out The Con. Northern State opened for them, and they are three chick MC's out of New York, a lot of energy, and well they fact that they were hot didn't hurt ;)

In between concerts were Halloween festivities, parties, and dates. Yes I said the magic word of 'date', but we will get to that story in a minute. I have also after 4 almost 5 years of being of age to drive, after two expired intruction permits, and endless accounts of harrasment from friends, little Squidly is finally growing up. I have my driver's license!! I passed the test with flying colors, what was I so worried about, no clue.

So now to the date. There is a new girl in my life. She is amazing, is spastic and dorky. And the funny thing is we started dating before our official first date. This Friday we will have been dating for two weeks. Somedays its creepy how much we have in common. She is also a hedgehog owner, and loves to dance, relishes in the moments where life takes your breath away, and is a psychology major.

I was interviewed for a documentary this weekend. You should go read BGJ's blog for more details. I'm headed to New York City this weekend with Mark and Fleur to see his brother in an off Broadway show, and well hang out in freakin' New York for the weekend. Coming up is Thanksgiving in the middle of our Hollowdaze season, then soon my birthday(psst the big 21), finals, Christmas, with visits from Nerdygirl and Mandyfish, and a new year, and a new semester.

I will be back quicker this time, with an update with pictures from New York when we get back next week. Until then, the good blindsides you on some idle Tuesday, wrecking your meloncholy-ness to remind you that by looking up you see a lot more, even if you do tend to trip over the cracks in the sidewalk.