Tuesday, January 30, 2007

*Grumble....freakin' neighbors...Grumble Grumble*

I was a good kid last night, I went to bed at 10:30, I was going to have an awesome night of sleep, but apparently it was not in the plans for my night.

At 4:18 this morning, I rolled over and was awoken by an obnoxious blaring beep in my ear. It was kind of similar to some sort of alarm, but I don’t think it was an alarm. After wondering for quite sometime “What the fuck is that?” I figured out it was not in fact, my laptop, my mp3 player, my TV or DVD player, my Refrigerator, my bathroom, my kitchen, a or bomb set to go off in my room. It was coming from my neighbor’s apartment. I figured it would stop after 15 minutes….then after 20….then after 45…finally after an hour and a half I got so fed up that I yanked all my blankets off my bed, my pillow, and crawled into my closet to sleep. (my closet has a door and I figured that would help block out the sound) I could barely, faintly hear the annoying beep. Normally this would not be a problem ignore it just a little and it would be fine, but since my brain had been focused on it for so long that was all I could hear.

Maybe it was the evil monkey’s plot to ensure I was super tired and grumpy today, or maybe it was even part of Benedict’s evil plan to squash the Black Vatican, but whatever it was, when I finally crawled out of the closet this morning the awful noise had stopped.


Mandy said...

Wait. I thought you already came out of the closet? *grin*

Squid said...

That's beside the point...:)

Big Gay Jim said...

Did you find the culprits yet, and give them the appropriate beat down?

Squid said...

Unfortunatly no, I did confirm that it was indeed coming from the apartment next door, but that is all. It hasn't happened since so hopefully were all good.

Modig_Bjorn said...

Brit, when I was in college I had the same experience on multiple occasions. I even had to file a complaint with the Apartment building's managerial office. Of course I did this after I went over the person's apartment and pounded on their front door so that they got the hint.

Man, I miss my college days, but I am so done with thin-walled apartments. Know that I feel your pain.