Sunday, January 14, 2007

Can't Breathe Properly

For the record I hate being sick, I feel whiny and complainy, have no energy, I feel like a pile of poo, and to top it all off breathing sucks because then I start coughing. Ok maybe not poo per say but you get the idea.

The date went well and I had a lot of fun. We have a rain -check for the movie portion, because at the time there were no great movies that either of us wanted to see. I was going to cash in the rain-check today or I should later this evening for the movie, but with being sick and all I probably won't. Blah.

It has been super cold here recently, and my apartment doesn't keep heat that well. I have a little heater down stairs in storage, but I haven't wanted to bust it out yet because well the heat I have now is free, and the heater would run on my electric bill. It might have to come to that though. For now though I think I am going to curl up under my covers, and I think Gremlins and nap is order, most definitely a nap.


Mark Travis said...

Remember that Robert said that he would turn up the heat if it needed to be turned up. Give him a call or you will be suffering until someone else calls in the middle of winter.


So, get well... and soon damn it!


Squid said...

Oh yeah, he did didn't he, Yay! You rock Mark!