Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It seems as though I am a carrier for the plague. Or at least the chest cold kind of plague. I came down with being sick on Friday, and it has not really let up since. I went to the doctor this morning and found out that it is bronchitis....wooo! Am at work for an hour, then home to take codine and sleep hopefully. I emailed my profs to let them know. I even managed to get the entire house sick it seems like....I really didn't mean too...sorry guys. So for your own good, I have been keeping to myself, or trying to at least.

There are other things to post about, like the holiday weekend trip to Denver over Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend. How classes are going, and what not. But all that I can really focus on right now is not trying to cough on the users, and crazy cold med dreams.

*stumbles off to find a pillow*

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A post.

Fine, I’ll post. It won’t be pretty though. :P

Winter break is nearly over. These last few days are left trying to keep some sense of rest in them. Gearing up for a new semester, one where I will have no theater classes, but will still probably be just as busy with my 15 hours of English Lit classes. The holidays were spent here in town, with lots of old friends. Days were spent sleeping in, staying up too late, and playing lots of video games. Days would go by where we wouldn’t leave the house except maybe a quick trip to the grocery store for food. It was one of the best holidays I have had in quite some time. It was nice to just be with people and reconnect with old friends. Then there was the great Flock Christmas extravaganza. It was wonderful being able to celebrate a holiday that is so close to my heart, with so many friends.

New Years came and went with somewhat of a bang. Jim and I were yet again off to the Emerald City (Denver) for a weekend of frolicking in urban-goodness. It always good to escape to the city for weekends like that. Hanging out with the Denver kids is always a hoot and well certain bartenders are always fun to see. I know you are probably expecting some sort of New Year’s resolution, but really I don’t have one. It is not that I am opposed to them as some people are; I just have never made any. Maybe mine this year should be: I resolve not to date crazy girls anymore. Or focus more on my writing. Or blog more often. Or stand up to my mother for once. Or remember to send thank you cards. Write an actual letter to someone. Read more books. Work out on a regular basis. I will probably try and work on these things as I always try to do at the beginning of semesters, but if I call them New Year’s resolutions, they really won’t get done because I will be jaded about them. So I will stick to working on bettering myself, for myself.

It’s also official that the girl and I have broken up. It wasn’t a bad break up; there were no tears really, which is good. It is just that we are in two different places that don’t mesh well together. She wants kids and promises of forever. I don’t want kids, and I can’t promise forever to anyone or anything, forever is too permanent for me. Maybe that makes me a bad person somehow, but forever is a long time, and change is the one thing I stand by. I wanted affection, cuddles and adventure. To turn left when we should have turned right and end up stranded with a flat tire and no gas. She wanted stability instead and needs to always be prepared for everything. So I am back to being single. Maybe this will be a good thing at the start of a new year. Focus on centering myself and finding myself again. I find that when dating someone, we always end up sort of getting lost in them and need to figure us out again before we can move on.

Here’s to a new year. May yours be filled with more joy and less sorrow than the last. And may you always be surrounded by friends and loved ones.