Friday, July 20, 2007

The debate continues.

It all started out because of a post over on WNG's blog, a post about hell. Followed shortly thereafter, by His Sinfulness ranting about hell and how hell being an eternal thing is not all that common. MightyMightyM and I continued the discussion in religion, and the conversation went something like this:

Me: one of my favorite lines about God is actually from an Ani DiFranco song, its origins are probably from somewhere else, but it is still really good.

“and I think,
what if no one's watching
what it when we're dead, we are just dead
what if it's just us down here
what if god ain't looking down
what if he's looking up instead”

I like the idea for some reason that there is a God, but he has no interest in us and is looking somewhere else

MightyMightyM: "he who sees in me all things, and in all things me, is never far from me and I shall never be far from him."

personally, I believe that god is not really a person as we envision, but rather like the ocean
- the stillness that begat motion
the consciousness that begat all consciousness

me: hmm I like that :)

MightyMightyM: we can never really know him
or her

me: or it

exactly, there is no pronoun that can fully encapsulate the concept
there is no sex, no gender

me: no shape, no dimensions
MightyMightyM: none that can be attached to Brahma
me: yeah
MightyMightyM: our job is to reach Moksha, or oneness with the original consciousness
and it takes many lifetimes to achieve
me: yeah, if not an infinity of time

me: I also don't get that why do we have to have this all great…thing. That gets all the credit for things we are very capable of doing our selves. Why does the Christian concept of God get all the credit? I think it is crap

MightyMightyM: true
Christians' logic is baffling
like prayer
they pray for god to help or to change the outcome
of something
but if it doesn't work out the way they wanted they say it wasn't part of god's plan
well then what good does prayer do?
if he already has a plan and is not going to deviate from it, then why pray to change it

me: it doesn't, why not try to change your own problems, or change your own outcomes. There are an infinite number of possible futures

MightyMightyM: right
the scariest part is that the Christians that are running this country believe that Christ is coming soon and will take the righteous to heaven, leaving the wicked here to burn
this belief makes it so that they don't need to worry about creating a sustainable living
no reason to preserve any part of the earth for the future
no reason to try to prevent our inevitable demise
or at least stave off
me: which for those of us "left here" which we will all be, will have nothing left to live off of. Destroying what we need, and creating our own hell to try and dig out of. We can burn, rape, and pillage the land, and it is ok because “God” will come to save us and take us to heaven.

MightyMightyM: but I’m not cynical about it at all
me: no, not at all, and that is the important part ;)

MightyMightyM: but I do love Diogenes - he carried a lantern in daylight searching for an honest man.

me: I love his comparison to dogs, and how we should all take on a dogs virtues instead of our own anxiety ridden state
MightyMightyM: yep

did you know the Zoroastrians consider dogs the equals of men?

me: no I didn't actually

MightyMightyM: I would even go a step further and say dogs are better than men
like Diogenes said, and you pointed out, we should strive to be more like them

me: yeah, loyal, are content with the basics, and are always in the present moment no matter what

MightyMightyM: except we need to be cognizant of the past and future, but live in the present
me: that is true, we have to learn from what we have done, and prepare to an extent for the future or at least be mindful of the options that lay ahead of us

Max: the dharma pig lives
me: in our stomachs!

If you can guess where the dharma pig quote comes from, you will get…some sort of special prize, that we will figure out later.)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Does any one want to go see Ani DiFranco with me on Sunday?
It's in Littleton, CO tickets are only $45....please....any one...the seats are all GA...? I wanna go...puulleasseeee.

Maybe not?...ok.

Did I mention that she rocks my socks off?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Could it really be true?

I have become obsessed with an author...again. I have read his entire comic book series, I own all but one of his books, I have even read his children books. The author can weave an amazing tale into a fantasy world where I will lose myself for hours. His name is Neil Gaiman. I love his ability to be able to tell a story. I believe it was BBC, who made one of his books, Neverwhere into a miniseries, that really wasn't all that great. He also helped write an amazing movie called MirrorMask that the Jim Hensen Company made. At the end of this summer one of his books will be made into a movie. I haven't decided if I am excited about the movie yet or not, it looks like it might be disappointing, but who knows I had originally thought that about Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Check out the trailer.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Little mister grumpy man.

I am now a proud pet owner. I have never had a pet that has been soley mine before, and I am kind of nervous at the prospect of being a single mother trying to raise a grumpy pre-teen hedgehog. Luckily for me, one of my roommates, Linus already has a zoo of pets in his bedroom and I can always go ask him for advice.

I found a listing online saying free hedgehog to a good home. For some time now I have wanted my own pet, as Linus can attest too, and when I saw the listing I was ecstatic. Of course I had to ok it with the rest of Flock Hall, make sure no one would have any nervous breakdowns if I got it. The hedgehog's original name is Kitsch, I wasn't real fond of it, and once everyone kept calling him Kit because they misheard I decided to rename him. So without further ado, World meet Asterix; Asterix meet the world!

According to Linus, who for sometime worked in pet shop that had hedgehogs, Asterix is quite a sociable little guy, but don't let that fool you, until he comes out of his cage he is quite the grumpy bear. We are working on that though. I have been reading a lot of material online about habit and behavior, and all that good stuff, researching as much as I can, what not to do, what to do to encourage socialization...even how to bathe hedgehogs. People say that either hedgehogs love the water or they hate it, so last night we decided to have a trial run at the whole bath thing, and it didn't turn out too badly. Asterix isn't really that big a fan of the water, but he doesn't mind it either. He does like the part of drying off because that means he can bury into the towel and hide from the scary world.

However, in order to get all of the bedding he manages to get stuck in his quills, we have use a tooth brush and brush the wrong way, which Asterix hates with a passion. Linus graciously enough offered to do it, so I wouldn't be the one held responsible for him being pissed off.

This is his "I hate you all you little fuckers..." in a Cartman voice, look. And yes it is not just you he is quite the chunker, we're working on trimming down his diet and looking for ways for him to get some exercise. I am looking at buying a large wheel for him, to put in his cage and a large hamster ball with very small holes, so he cannot get his wee little hedgie feet caught in them. Also, I am going to get some ferret toys for him to play with, and look at hedgehog-proofing a part of the house so I can just let him run. I am looking at maybe even getting him a bigger cage too, currently he is in a tote which actually works pretty well for him, but on the off chance he needs bigger space, the new cage will be in the back of my mind.

And for all his work, and putting up with our hi-jinks last night, Asterix gets a treat before going back to bed.

We tried to snap a photo of him actually eating it...but damn, the only thing Asterix does fast is eat apparently.

So there ya have it! My cutest little, most adorable grump ball in the world! Yes you all can come over and visit him and play with him.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

No, that is what AWESOME IS MADE OF!!!

SQueee! DUDE!! With the "schcroooo" and "woooosh" and the "ahhhh" and "oooo" "kerblasch" and the flying through the building!!!!

So I am a little late on things as I tend to be. But I finally went and saw TRANSFORMERS last night! And oh man was it everything my inner child had wanted it to be. Truly amazing. I don't think I have ever grinned that big through an entire movie in a very, very, very long time! At one point even Jim leaned over and said "You are such a huge geek." I know! :-D and I love it! And the lead girl was quite hot as well, when I told Jim this he just looked at me and said, "Wait, there were girls in the movie?" Apparently he was just a little distracted by the hot guys on the screen.
Oh by the way Bumblebee, will and always be my main man.

"No sacrifice, no victory."