Monday, January 29, 2007


The world is coming to an end!!! RUN for Your LIVES!!!!
...... Wait, you mean...the evil space monkeys and tarantulas aren't attacking? ...Oh *clears throat* right, then. Well, go back about your business, nothing further to see here except a busy schedule.

It official, well as official as it can be right now, I am going to Ellensburg, WA in a little less than three weeks for the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, or ACTF. We will be gone for an entire week, and there is so much to get done. I am working on three of the five productions this semester, and working 30 hrs. a week. Is there really enough time to get everything done before the semester ends?? I am also helping out with the lighting of one of the 10 minute One Acts that we are performing at ACTF which is super exciting!

Maybe I have official snapped, or maybe it's the Stockholm Syndrome talking, but I kind of like the cold weather. The crisp walk to classes wakes me up in the morning, and lately they have been beautiful with the bright blue sky and crisp white ground. At night it is fun to watch snowflakes fall in the street lights. The cold reminds me that I am alive, reminds me also that I am not permanent.

I’m working on a new poem and I figured I share it:

there is self loathing love abounds
there is little to do and little to say
and leaves and snowflakes on the ground

a breaking heart does not make a sound
I think I could be better for you another day
there is self loathing love abounds

I am looking to be lost, and you to be found
It is cold here with the breeze coming off
of the mountains capped in snow

and leaves and snowflakes on the ground

our words only circle and confound
we can't say what we want to say
there is self loathing love abounds

neither of us dares to expound
there are prices here we cannot pay
and leaves and snowflakes on the ground

before you're out of sight, I turn around
you look at your feet, or the other way
there is self loathing love abounds
and leaves and snow flakes on the ground


La Petite Fleur (AKA Tessa) said...

don't let the rhyme get in the way of the words... love ya

Mandy said...

have a great time at ACTF!