Monday, June 06, 2005

Re-learning to Breathe

Is One of the Hardest Things

Well it is official, we knew before that my new roomates were even girly than Mandy, but when I walk into the house with the stereo on shuffle with Lizzie Migurie, Aaron Carter, and the Spice Girls, something is very very very wrong. Lets just say that I am very happy that I will be moving out in a little less than two where you might ask? That too has not been decided yet. I have a funny feeling that most of my stuff that is not in storage will actually not be broken into, maybe I'll just make another run out to storage and throw that stuff in there as well...that way even less of my stuff will have to come in contact with the girlyness and therefore less chance of infection of said girlyness.

My job at the Overland has been interesting...I was hired as a cook, started as a host and am now damned to the dish-pit for the rest of enternity. Normally I would not be complaining about this, happy space where no one bothers you and you really don't have to deal with the costumers. It is not so happy when I can't listen to music(well only if I bring my own disc-man and it really sucks), and I am only getting 5.50 an hour to do it. There are multiple other dish-washing jobs at there where I can start out at 6.50 or even 7 an hour. Currently though I am looking at taking a job with StarTek because I will make sem-decent money and recieve some benifits as well. We will see though if the Overland ends up working out or not.

Now I am off to save the world with caffine and Skittles! Oh Yeah!! A Couple of weekends ago some of the flock discovered a Jazz Club I think we should all go sometime get all fancied up and scare every one of it would be fun! Ok really leaving now.

That is about all that is going on, on the Squid front and in an effort to blend in with the rest of the flock I will end this post with some happy pictures. From the Graduation Party!!! Enjoy all and I promise pictures of Oklahoma are soon to come!

YAY! For hugs!

And over there we have the indeginous SCA person actually out in public, what a rare find indeed!

HA see there is photgraphic evidence that she can dance! :P

And Clay is terrified of the dancing girls.

Yay the flock in its entirty excluding Tessa and Gina because they had to leave early :(


Clayton said...

well, at least I don't look like a retard in the last one.

Emily said...

wow, i'm shocked your head didn't manage to explode with such terrible music from your roomies. when i hear spice girls, or lizzie maguire, or aaron carter for that matter, i twitch. bad.

His Sinfulness said...

Damn - we are a handsome group...

Raksha said...

You liar, I cannot dance! I was just standing there while you jerked my arms around!

Big Gay Jim said...


Michelle (the 4th roomate) said...

I think you should live with said roomates for a while before you discuss getting infected with their girliness seeing as currently I'm listening to the Velvet Underground, in boxers with what I would call an attractively buzzed haircut. And I would agree that the music is painfully bad.