Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'mmm Backk!

Since I haven't posted in a while I figure I will update you guys a little bit and then do a big post with pictures from the trip and what not. I am back safe and sound (for the most part) from my trip to Oklahoma City (OKC). I came back with just a few blisters and sleep deprivation. I am in the process of trying to find inspiration or something like that to pack my apartment and move. I am not looking forward to it because really it will basically be like crashing at some random place for two months. I also started my new job a couple days ago, instead of cooking or diashwashing for the summer I will be hosting (grrrrr) yes I hate dealing with people, besides they hired me for kitchen staff, but noo, I'll be working the front of house.

While on trips I tend to forget about everything else I have to deal with, which I consider to be pretty normal, but coming back I realized I had missed all of my freinds leaving. On one hand I was kinda happy about this because I suck at the whole leaving/ moving on thing, but at the same time I was really sad beucase that is not something you can really duplicate or anything. Walking up the stairs to my aparment there is a landing on the second floor where everyone dumps their stuff they no longer want or need, this time of year it is packed with crap becuase of everyone moving out. It wasn't the couch or old matress, or even hot pink underwear that caught my eye, but some old Ginger beer bottles that caused my heart to ache a little for I knew those belonged to Ben, and he had moved out. It hurt not beucase I thought I never would see him again because I knew I would and I will, but knowing that I can no longer walk down the hall, around the corner, late in the evening to share grapefruit soda, or left over Chinese with a freind. I also missed Christin and Rahcel leaving, but knowing they will be back as well is a little comfort. So this week I have been laying low for the most part trying to get things done but that never works I always find a way to procrastinate, speaking of which I am off to go through my life again, throw stuff away, and pack it into totes and into a storage shed for the summer. Pictures to come along with more exciting news (well maybe not exciting).

"In the rain, in the rain, people rush around on cold streets
Here's a shell to hear their heartbeats very loud, very loud
Where's the pain, it's only rain, it's only slowing down a workday
Only singing happy birthday to a crowd, very loud

So turn on the sky, let it hear what you're saying
For all that you are sayingAnd let it take you apart, to the elements of praying
Till we are only playing to the firmament
Till we are only playing to the firmament" ~Dar Williams


Raksha said...

Glad you got home safe, sweetie! I can't wait to get back to Laramie. We'll hang out and do fun things!

Jenn said...

how were things down in okc? i'm headed in a little over a month... glad you survived, and maybe i'll see ya around this summer

His Sinfulness said...

Welcome home!
I'm looking forward to the pics from the house you built...

Clayton said...

at this rate of updates, you're gonna have to say "I'm back!" every post

magnum mouthed, i shoot to kill... said...

hot pink undies, huh (*wiggles eyebrows*) i lost your number and that's why i never called you back. i'm still in mississippi, but i get back on the 3rd. give me a call then and leave your number on my voicemail (my phone still doesn't work very well, it got run over by a car) hope to hear from you soon!

The Dark Saint of Gin said...

hey I can't find your email would you email me the pic of Eric and I from Saturday

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