Saturday, June 11, 2005

Bits and Pieces

Where You Don't Belong
You lay
On my kitchen floor
With no shirt on
Your fevered cheek
Resting for a moment
Against the cool
It was white
With squares
The same deep brown
As your eyes
And I knew
That no matter
What I did
I could never lift you
Up off that floor
So I turned the house
Upside down
And you fell onto the ceiling
Where you belong

"Get saved now, ask me how!",
her bumper sticker exclaimed as we waited
at a busy intersection for the light to change.
"...Ask ME how!"
And I considered hopping out and
following her suggestion and wondered how she would react upon
seeing me tapping insistently on her tightly locked car door,
the traffic whizzing by,
her shopping bags lying on the backseat.


Raksha said...

Both of these are great! The second one is my favorite.

Mandy said...

oohh new poems!

I'm fond of the end of the first one. Idillic and just a bit smartassed.