Friday, June 29, 2007

The Flock is going communal, again...without the cheese smell this time.

I have added a link on the right hand side to the Flock Hall 2.0 blog. It will detail accounts of random debauchery that we will undoubtedly get ourselves into over the next year.

This weekend seems like it, the one where Flock Hall 2.0 finally comes together. Tessa and Mark get here tonight, and are unpacking Tessa tomorrow. Linus is finishing up packing and moving in on Saturday as well, and I am in process of throwing things in totes to be ready to move into on Sunday. Kt has already moved all her stuff in and is currently on a plane flying back to the UK for the next 7 weeks.

The next weeks will become a challenge as we try to find our own niches in the house, unpacking, reorganizing. Making the house we are moving into a home for ourselves, which won’t be too hard. I think for a lot of us, home is with the family we have created for ourselves, our family at Flock Hall. I once wrote that yes, home is where the heart is, but what if you have lost your heart? What if you dropped it along side the gutter while packing up your life, accidentally lost it along the way? I have found my heart again, it has gone through some landfills, and was quite dusty and mangled. I’m still finding pieces scattered about, some down the street from me in the neighbor’s yard and under car tires. Some pieces were just lost in between all the papers I had forgotten about and had yet to unpack. I know some pieces I will never find again and I am ok with that. I have enough now to start molding my heart back together one piece at a time with some duct tape and super glue. I’m not too worried about the missing parts; those will become filled in with time, like much of the mangled pieces, healed by time, love, and laughter.

“watching as you drive
it's good to be alive
and i'm alive, i'm alive
you're alive, we're alive, oh

your smile is the manhattan skyline” –Gina Young


Teh Dr. said...

For the lonely boy who wants to come and visit your new home, where is it at?

His Sinfulness said...

Welcome home, wee squid!

Modig_Bjorn said...

I look forward to seeing what you've done with your space within Flock Hall 2.0.