Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dunn Dunnn DUUUHH!!!!!

Note: click on video to make it play, and you need sound for the full effect.

hhehe I can't stop watching it.

And yes, I, your beloved Alter Boi, the left hand of the Black Pope, have made my debut in the Black Vatican webcomic! Go, see, laugh, and read all the archives of the comic! Now!


MightyMightyMax said...

The nuts are missing! They...will...PAY!!!

Teh Dr. said...

What..you guys didn't know prairie dogs were the most evil creatures on the planet? Who do you think gave Hitler the idea to start all that shit? Thats right these little bastards.

Modig_Bjorn said...

Everytime I see a squirrel--or any rodent for that matter--I will think of this funny guy. LOL!

MightyMightyMax said...

Yet another one:


Squid said...

:) Funny yes, but still not as funny as this one.