Thursday, May 10, 2007

Do you smell that?

It is fresh grass being cut.
Lilac trees starting to bloom.
Dirt mixing with fresh rain.
Sun-tan lotion mixed with perfume.

Windows are thrown open in response to the warm air outside, time to circulate life again. I’ve started my spring cleaning this week, even though it is now the start of summer. I’ve kept a lot of things from my past; things to cling to papers, notes, school grades (from elementary school). Most peoples' parents hold on to these things, but in my case I’ve had to hold on to these... thinking they might come in handy, that they might be important, but I have come to realize most of it is just clutter. Along with the moldy leftovers and cheese, along with the old magazines piling up that aren’t even addressed to me, I am throwing out my past. I am throwing out my history, or at least it feels that way. It feels as though I am ripping part of me out, and throwing it into the brown, crusty dumpster behind my building. Most of this crap is just that, crap, loose ends of a previous life that should no longer to affect me. I’m putting this extra baggage behind me, or at least the physical remnants of it.

There is still a lot of day-light left.
I think it is time for a walk before handball this evening.


Flynn said...

Here's to cleaning up, dusting off, and moving forward. Good post hun.

Mandy said...

Maybe you should have some sort of burial ceremony? Give yourself some closure while getting rid of past baggage.

You are a brave and amazing, woman.

Big Gay Jim said...

I like burning better, as it feels more freeing to me. (heh heh...FIRE!) In Curanderismo, either is a very fitting means of purification, rebirth, or new beginnings. You know what else summer means, Squiddy? KITES KITES KITES KITES KITES KITES KITES KITES KITES KITES KITES KITES.

Squid said...

:) Thanks guys. I think I might use a combination of both. As far as kites go I would love to! Except...not until the weekends, because my evil overlord of a boss, has me working nights up until Fridays. ;)