Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Black Vatican Testimonial!

I, your beloved Alter Boi, have exciting news to share! I have been redeemed by his Unholiness the Pontifix Niger. You see for quite some time I was sinner in our Black Pope’s eyes; it was a sad sad thing. I hardly ever posted on my blog, my life had no meaning that I could find to share with others. But now! Now! I have seen the light, Alleluia! See being one of the redeemed is not only good status with the Black Vatican; it also comes with many benefits. Like what you might ask? Well, the chance at beatification, the chance to watch your hit count rise like no other! Now that I am one of the redeemed, I fully intended to live up to that title, I will witness and testify in the dark name of the Black Vatican forever more.

*raises left hand*
Blessings on all of you, of a squid, may it do you well in water!
Left Hand of the Black Pope
Alter Boi

On a much sadder note, I’d like to take this moment to pay respect to the cassette tape.
Really when looked at cassette tapes really weren’t that great in the first place: the tape player liked to eat them, they got mangled and tangled, and could snap in an instant. Dust was pure kryptonite to them, and they never really sounded as good as say vinyl or even CDs. Especially now that we have MP3 players running rampant, that can store as many songs as it would take probably close to 2,000 cassettes to hold, it is hard to see cassettes sticking around. This demise of the old cassette tape also means the demise of mixtapes. Somehow in my world making a playlist for a loved one, just isn’t as romantic as making a mixtape. So if you would all bow your heads in a moment of silence while we mourn the loss of our beloved mixtapes and cassettes.


His Sinfulness said...

Welcome back to the fold, my child; and you were never out of my favor - just a sinner like the rest of us...

:) <3

Modig_Bjorn said...

This post reminds me of "High Fidelity." What a good movie. I agree, mixtapes have a certain aura that a playlist simply doesn't have. Then again, I'm the only person under 25 who doesn't own an MP3 player. Damn me and my Amish ways!

Big Gay Jim said...

See hon, we had cassettes before CD's even existed. And the sound quality was GREAT! Not as good as an LP, but still...

Car makers are still putting tape decks in cars...standard! Even my Georgina has one. They also make a tape deck you can install in a computer, to rescue and digitize the musical treasures they contain.

I have all the mix tapes I made, and that were made for me. Come to think of it, I have all my old cassettes, period! Maybe we should have a night of "ancient" music appreciation. The Rev and I could teach you young whippersnappers a thing or two.

And now I make mix CD's! Very handy, and doesn't require near as much pressing of buttons. Or re-recording because someone walked into your room (despite the obvious sign on the door - Recording in progress), the dog barked, or some other such dubbing error.

NOTE: today's verification word is hdmtg. I read that as "Head Meeting." Squid...we should have one! I'm not sure what it would entail, but I'm sure we could think of SOMEthing.

miss kt said...

Tapes are not dead, they are still in active use in many lending librarys and all the stuff from the library of congress is still on tapes too!

Tapes are not dead, tapes live!

Mark Travis said...

the art of compilation albums is still in bloom. Just a new medium now.

thanks for the news article about it though. interesting news for sure.

word verification: "leccissu" wtf?

becca said...

My word verification is lippy. . . which is kinda funny because my last name is lipman and lippy is actually my dad's nickname. wierd.

Anyway, while I grew up on tapes, I think I enjoy the enhanced convienience of CDs for mixing and sharing music. It is now wonderfully simple to make a mix for someone and also to share music (download whole CDs onto the computer). I still have some mix tapes that have never been converted. . . they live in my car because that is the only place left with a tape player.