Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Compu Dragon! Haha all shall fear me!

There are many other things I could be doing with my time this summer while at work. For example reading, homework and otherwise, but no I spend my time on game sites and horrible What is your...quiz. :-) I'ma Superhero!!

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Compu Dragon

Your Superpower is Seduction

Your Weakness is Cotton Candy

Your Weapon is Your Poison Tentacles

Your Mode of Transportation is Snowboard


MightyMightyMax said...

Apparently, I'm The Alpha Falcon. My power is Ancient Lore (not sure how that works). My weakness is Stuttering (dammit my old nemesis...). My weapon is my Thunder Stinger (I'm going to take to mean I'm very well hung, dangerously so). And my mode of transportation is a Catapult (I prefer trebuchets, but what're you gonna do?).

His Sinfulness said...

I am The Racoon Storm! I am a superhero due to my Near-Death Experience(?) power - as long as I don't let Peanut Butter Stick to the Roof of my mouth, I'm good. I defeat my enemies with my Invisible Nunchucks!

Mandy said...

I am The Metal Specter. You should show your adoration now for I have the superpower of Ancient Lore. What? Is that right? Ahem. Though crystals are my weakness (oh shiny), I can overcome their effects with my secret weapon...Flaming Foam! Now where'd I leave the cloud I rode in on?

Dr. Smith said...

flailing poison tentacle attack.....sounds a little too pron to me.

Squid said...

Max- You had to take it there to the well hung business huh? Of course you did. *shakes head*

Linus- Peanut Butter, stuck is an evil arch nemisis, believe me I have battled him once before.

Mandy- all I can picture with flaming foam is you riding around on a cloud lighting those foam noodles on fire and watching as it melts and drops on your enemies. Trust me it was a lot funnier in my mind than on paper.

Brian- EWWW NO!! You are fired! No pr0n is makes perfect sense, since I am a squid...helllo!

I think it is fabulous that my weakness is cotton candy because it so true.

Big Gay Jim said...

*grin* But Squid...I'm quite fond of well-hung men, especially ones who sleep with boys. *winks at Max* And Mandy...given the time I've spent at Family Planning, the word foam has a whole different meaning to me. And....EW.

Clayton said...

you have all corrupted the cutest quiz ever. Not really suprising with us though.