Thursday, February 14, 2008

Really? With all the pinks and reds?

Yes, my dear friends it's that time again. A holiday put into place by chocolate manufactures and florists. No, no I'm not bitter...ok well maybe just a little bit....but maybe this will help the very least it sums up perfectly how I feel about Valentine’s Day.
p.s. Thank you Flynn for the Valentine's card, it was very sweet. :)

Hallmark Holocaust

I was creating my own valentine with a gun in my mouth
but it was you who proceeded to deny candy hearts and Hershey kisses.

You told me we were already too deluded with the buzz of artificial sweetener.
Yes, we are. Aren't we?

Society lets us know Valentine's Day is important.
It's all about the diamonds.
The hearts. The love. The red.

Red is the color of impulse
but isn't it also the same shade as blood?

How often and how much can you bleed
before it is significant enough for the one
you are trying to make your significant other?
Cupid cried and cried and cried
when some people realized diamonds don't mean shit
and Hallmark cards make you
embark on some masterminded marketing scheme
making us say things we think
but don't always mean.

"I love him, I love him, I love him."
one girl shouted into the darkness
on a playground of the suicidal February weather.
She slit her wrists and plotted Romeo storylines
but the truth of the matter was that she was alone.
Again. In the cold. Now bleeding, dying. For what? Love?

Hallmark never made cards for the broken hearted.
The lonely. The desperate.
They strive for the optimistic-planting conversation hearts
in the lower region of our hypothalamus
hoping it clicks is tune with our biological clock
reading "Be Mine" and "Me 4 U"

Yes. That's it. Conversation hearts proving once again that yes,
As a society as a whole we are stupid.
Unable to create our own diversions to the ones we truly care about.
Oh Shit! It's February 14th and I've had all year to tell her how I feel
but it's all so easy to do today because Wal-Mart is supplying

And the ones who are waiting in line to be employed by matrimony
will simply call me a pessimist.
"God, you're cynical, get fucked!"

Okay. Maybe so.

I'm not saying those who participate in these rituals are completely ignorant
or sidetracked by what our culture is deeming as a priority.
I'm simply stating why can't every day be Valentine's Day?
Please God, minus the emphasis on reds and pinks.
Hearts and flowers.
If you care for someone, shouldn't you let them know
whenever the thought strikes that the appreciation is there?

Just saying.


Big Gay Jim said...

Brava, darling! I LOVE this one...and you! Happy Single Awareness Day, Happy Villain-tines Day, and all the other tongue-in-cheek names I've given it over the years.

Mandy said...

Well, I <3 you and your Valentine's rant/poem. Good stuff babycakes!

Rose said...

Which is why I tell you I love you all the time. But a little pink stuffed hedgehog and a cheesy card made you smile. I've had this policy for a while. Depending on how much money I have, the more gifts I give my friends. I gave Brandon a ring in the middle of January. There is nothing significant about the time that I gave it to him. I only gave because I loved him. Yes, I celebrate the cheesy holiday, mostly because my mother instilled in me that it's a family holiday. I never associated it with the words: single, lonely, solitary. You aren't alone my love, like I said, if the love I have for you is a crime...then throw my happy ass in jail.

Rose said...

PS Chi-O's can lick my left nut. Their absurd amount of makeup, hairspray and high heels made me so happy to be sitting by someone completely genuine and herself. Beautiful in every single way.

Big Gay Jim said...

As a far-too-long-time resident of campus, it's SO funny for me to see that last comment Rose. The Chi O's used to have a reputation of being the smartest yet least glam house on campus. You didn't have to be pretty or rich or popular to pledge, just a decent student who was looking for a supportive on-campus group living environment that Greek houses used to be. You know...back in the olden days. It's funny to see how different houses (and clubs, for that matter) have changed over time. Sheesh...I sound old. We used to walk uphill to school, both ways, in the snow, with no shoes, pulling a cart... ;)

His Sinfulness said...

This has always been one of my favorite pieces from you. Too bad the slam community is dead...

Rose said...

*^__^* Jim, the Chi-O's aren't ALL bad. They did accept Anna when she had pink hair, a marvel that all the other sororities rejected and snubbed. Brittany and I are in a Film and Religion class and the row behind us is overly made up Chi-O's drenched in perfume, yourself in full drag-queen attire is less made-up! With the Anna drama, I think I turned on Chi-O's, I was already dubious. But whenever I visited Anna, there was a definite sense of shallowness that couldn't be denied. And sitting with these girls twittering and getting drunk off their perfume, certain elements of Jesus became undeniably poisoned.

Squid said...

Thanks guys. I really like this one too. It's not that I am against Valentine's Day completely it's the commercialization, the unoriginality of people, and well I really hate pink...

Mandy: I <3 you too! Hope all is well down south1

Rose: Its true they did make me smile, I love the valentine's, I appreciate it a lot.

Jim: you also have to understand Rose and I have some what of a bias againts the Chi Os, the evil Ex is one. But still way too much freakin' make the point of you wonder if they were raised by clowns...

Linus: I miss the slam community too, I miss being forced to write new stuff for the monthly slam...maybe we should try our own thing...but then again, we have lost people like Ryan and Dan...

miss kt said...

i like it a lot hun, and sums up how i'm feeling very much right now :)