Monday, February 26, 2007

"Rus Bus, Arive Alive!"

The above quote is one of many from my trip to Ellensburg, WA this past week for the American College Theater Festival. There is way too much from the week to post it all here, unfortuanly. But we will go with highlights from the week and see how that goes :)

8pm Sunday Feb. 18th: The bus finally arrives in the Fine Arts parking lot and after much drama and organizing the bus is packed and loaded, and we leave Laramie at 9. With a short backing up of the bus because we miss the turn off to Rawlins...oh goody.

We passed through the flats of Wyoming with a breeze, stopping before we hit the Mor-mon land boarder to stock up on provisions for the bus. Traveling through Utah most slept, and I slept all the way through most of Idaho actually too.

By the time we stopped in Oregon for some form of food we had lost tracking on time. It was sometime before 4 on Monday that Squid won a log rolling contest with her great balance skills. Yes this is a true story, and yes, I am still amazed how I actually won.

4:08 PM Pacific Time, Monday Feb. 19th: After 20 hours on the friggin' bus it is evacuted quite quickly, and Mary being a quick thinker got up to the front desk and we we're the first to get our room. Walking into the room I almost crashed out on the bed, but you know there were showers to be had, food to be found, and a campus to explore.

After trying to navigate Ellensburg almost-non-exsistant transportation system we arrived on the ground of Central Washington Universtity, luckily Squid was prepared and brought maps and what not and we found stuff. Yes, that is about how the night went, we were that tired.

The nights in WA were spent socializing and visiting kids in other hotel rooms, and probably way too much drinking and partying. Apparetnly Wyoming has a reputation to maintain at these events. While I was meeting kids from other schools, the response I always got was: "Whoa, you are from Wyoming you kick ass in competions, and know how to party." So yes we win and we drink. The days and nights of the week have blurred together because ya know, I had to keep up my end of the reputation too ;)

Tuesday was the pre-lims for the acting competition and one of the main stage shows called Life and Limb.
Tuesday night was well Mardi Gras. Enough said.
Wednesday consisted of a lot of the tech workshops I went to, and helping load in what they call a Splash scene, which was basically working with scene partners you have never worked with before.
Thursday was my real work day, I helped load in and work two of our One Acts we took to Festival.

Friday was by far one of my best days there. Some of us who really were there for not much a a reason rented a vehical and took off to Seattle for the day! Where I spent most of the day with Nerdy and some new found friends!! I went and checked out the Abbey were Nerdy works, met Ana who rocks my socks. We then ventured onto Capitol Hill and hungout on Broadway. Found some awesome thrift stores, and of course I bought a tie. We met up with Alex as well and spent dinner in the International District with tasty Potatoe and Onion pankcakes, and salt and pepper tofu. Ana at one point tried to convencie me to transfer and I said don't tempt me which was a bad idea, because she is a good temptress. The night ending with multiple good byes, to Alex and Ana, and then to Nerdy after she got me safe and sound back with my peeps from Wyoming.

Saturday was the Acting comp Finals and getting ready to leave. Saturday night was the awards ceremony, and Wyoming as usual swept the awards. We took both postions for the acting comp to go to Washington D.C. All three One Acts, did amazing and one took first in the comp. And many other awards. Once we got back to the hotel, there was much celebrating to be had. I was found by family who noticed my necklace, and said she was glad she wasn't the only family there, which was super exciting. The rest of the night morphs into wandering around too many halls, and rooms, but was worth it, and most of the department pulling an all nighter and being drunk on the bus when we left the hotel at 6 am Sunday morning.

I had a great time, and miss Seattle greatly, but at 4:30 this morning was greatful to be touching Wyoming ground, and even more grateful when I got home to sleep in my own bed.


Dr. Smith said...

was mardi gras filled with breasts?

Squid said...

... ... No not at all, what are you talking about? ... wait you mean the beads are for boobies?

Mandy said... do you get to go to the Kennedy Center or not?

Glad you helped strengthen Wyo Theater's rep!

Dr. Smith said...

so, get this, I don't get one spam comment under the old blogger, now as soon as I switch I'm inundated with fuckin, grow your penis, check out this site comments.

His Sinfulness said...

Sounds like fun! Glad you made it back safely, and all you lost was a few brain cells... :)