Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Once again, many of us find ourselves bitter and callous today, on Valentine's day. I usually hate this holiday and protest by not going anywhere, this year I am going to try something a little different. I will be venting my angst at the Love Bites poetry slam, and sharing with you all some great cards I got from a dear friend. <---for more hilarous cards any time of the year!

For the official invite to the V-Day Slam visit Linus' blog.

And go check out Nerdy's blog; she has some kick ass cards on there as well.

I really wished I lived in Belguim, I would much rather be spending my time today at this oxygen bar.

On a more serious note though, I hate that we need a holiday to be able to let everyone around us know that we care about them, especially our significant others. To steal a line from one of my poems I am reading tonight...:

I'm not saying those who participate in these rituals are completely ignorant or sidetracked by what our culture is deeming as a priority. I'm simply stating why can't everyday be Valentine's Day?
Minus the emphasis on reds and pinks.
Hearts and flowers.
If you care for someone, shouldn't you let them know whenever the thought strikes that the appreciation is there?

Just saying.


Modig_Bjorn said...

Believe me Brit, I feel you dog. I've always viewed V-Day through a jaded lense -- until I got into a committed relationship. Then I realized that it's not about my jaded views, but the smile on the face of my loved one when she gets spoiled for a day. Your suggestion of "why can't every day be V-Day" does not fall on deaf ears, and I have no delusions about the fact that this stuff is cheesy, because it is. More importantly, I don't really even enjoy the gift giving as much as I do the time Tara and I are able to spend together one-on-one. We had a V-Day dinner at Turtle Rock that was wonderful, and it was really nice to connect, even if it was on a day that reeks of commercialism. ;)

Squid said...

;) It's ok, don't tell anyone, but I am secret hopeless romantic.

His Sinfulness said...

Good job at tthe slam, btw... :)