Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Thank you for calling Time Warner Cable."

"My name is Brittany, I do apologize but my system is currently down. If you have any general or basic questions I'd be more than happy to address those, but if not I would advise you to call back with in 15-20 minutes."

Sitting at work, the system has crashed again and not just mine most of the center's has. So the call queue(sp?) is low and I am bored out of my mind. There are probably many other things I should be doing like learning how to bundle Aol and RoadRunner together, or writing poetry for the next slam on Dec. 9th, but instead I am writing on here.

Weekends tend to blur together with little sleep and overloading on socialization. The last slam on Nov. 18th went well, met new friends and took second over all. The night was filled with nervous tension, from competeing in the slam to falling head over heals on a crush that would be leaving in 3 days. Drunk wrestling leaves the body sore and bruised in really random places, then of course there is the photo graphic evidence of said wrestling that is embarassing as well.

Thanksgiving weekend was a nice relaxing break. I had Flock Hall all to myself for about 4 days, I spent Turkey dinner with my friend Jes and her family, stuffing ourselves with turkey, sweet potatoes, homemade bread, and too much video gaming. I have since become addicted to The L Word and am trying to make it through season 2 now with Jes before the premier of season 3 on Jan. 8th. Saturday night I found myself in a formal dress, high heels, makeup, and my hair curled(all by myself I might add, you would have been proud of my hair Gina) for Phantom of the Opera in Denver. The show was absoultly amazing, from the costumes to the performance, to the stage work, lighting, pyro-technics, and ahh just the theater! We spent the night in Denver and Sunday ended up spending the night down there again eventhough we could have made it home Sunday night we didn't want to take the risk. Sunday night we saw Rent with was really good and I ended up crying basically the last half of the movie.

Its official I am going to see "Wicked" orchestra sitting row F middle in Chicago, in January. That is how I am thinking of the trip that I am going to visit my mom in January, it is not really to visit or see her, it is to see "Wicked". My mom bought me tickets(train tickets) to go see her the 2nd-9th, should be great fun. Aidan, my step-father is currently trying to start a real estate business or something like that, and my mom is making candles for a living, along with trying to catch Aidan cheating on her with his secretary or so she says. But I'll be defiying gravity.
"It's time to try
Defying gravity
I think I'll try
Defying gravity
And you can't pull me down!"

Today is World Aids Day. Today Laramie has what is called Dine out For Life day. Where restaurants in town donate a portion of their proceeds to help Wyoming residents living with HIV/AIDS and their families. These proceeds along with funds raised from the WyoAids walk in April help pay for medical needs for these families. I am sure that Dine Out For Life is not only happening here, so I urge you to get out today, find a restaurant that is donating some of their proceeds and treat yourself to a wonderful dinner, for a good cause! If you can't go out and eat then take a moment for those living with HIV/AIDS and maybe just take a moment of silence, get tested, educate yourself or friends, or take action and get involved with a group in your area dedicated to helping those living with HIV/AIDS.


Meg said...

love ya britt!

hades_angel said...

you should come see me when you're in chicago...i'm only 3 hrs away from there now! at least let me know when you're up here and maybe i can make it down to see you. oh and since i'm sure i'll forget to say this in a couple days- hapy early birthday! love ya

Cantwell Carson said...

I knew that there was something wicked about that green hair of yours.


P.S.- Happy Birthday.

Nerdygirl said...

You are the sweetiest girl in the world; did you know that?

Well you should. Love you honey.

nate storey said...

hey squid, err, pip,
long time no see.
how's life? hope you're rocking. i'm going to get blokes going again next semester. i'll have to bribe you into coming.
hope you're doing well.

Clayton said...

get down here young woman