Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ah, another milestone. "Why do I remember this?"

I have made it through another milestone birthday. First there was 16 when you are suppose to be able to drive, although I didn't get my driver's license until I was 20. Then there is 18, a semi-adult in the federal governments eyes, you can buy tobacco and porn, neither of which really appeal to me. Monday was the big event of my 21st birthday. Yes, that is right Squid is no longer a baby, ok in all honesty I will probably always be the baby. The night was eventful and apparently I was a happy camper and had everyone laughing. The parts of the evening that I remember were great...I even got to open presents twice! How many people can say that? However the next morning, I didn't like being 21, and neither did my stomach, my head or my elbow. Hang overs are evil things when you have to work at 8 in the morning, but forget that and are being called by your boss to come in because you are late. The elbow though came from falling down the stairs in our house, do I remember nope not at all, but apparently one of my more famous quotes from the evening was, "Did I really bleed out of my elbow onto my shirt?" There were other events from the evening I am sure, one was I was very excited my father came drinking with us, and bought me shots! I was really excited about this for some reason...

I got some really kick ass presents. Flynn got me Guitar Hero the 80's extension pack, Linus got me a travel tea mug that brews loose leaf, which I am estatic about, there was beer brought over, and a bottle of very nice scotch which I am excited about as well, a pirrahana bottle opener, I am probably missing something at the moment, but they were all wonderful! My mother even sent me flowers which only slightly makes up for the giant stuffed elmo she sent me...only slightly.

I am knee deep in finals right now, and beginning to panic. If only I had some bright friendly letters with me at all times to remind me not to panic.

Ahhh, that is a little better. I have a huge lighting project final due at the beginning of next week, I get to focus, gel, and creat my own light show for a classical piece of music. We'll see how I am doing next week, for now I am off to put together a portfolio for poetry.

I am also worried, about the girl, my girl. She has been sick in the hospital for almost a week, with what we think is mono. So there is that to add to stress as well, but she seems to be getting a little better, we found out today that she doesn't have to have surgery, or at least at the moment. Here is to keeping fingers crossed, that she gets better quickly, we miss having her around.

To round things out here are some Haiku snippets I have been working on for my poetry class.

Plans for Life - 1) Start
from where you are. 2) Improve.
3) There is no 3.

Karmic rebirth sucks
'cause I can't stomach being
a hand-me-down soul

I am the giant
shadow of a small girl who
sits behind the sun.

I trash memories
hoping commontion's enough
for thought, emotion.

Thanks for the birthday wishes Mayren!!


Flynn said...

Happy Birthday Squidly!

It's true, she's all grown up and can drink to her little hearts content... Like she did on Monday!
Everyone had a great time, and I've got the pictures to prove it!

Hope your girl feels better soon!

Big Gay Jim said...

Sorry for the delay in commenting. When I saw you'd posted, I was so shocked I fainted. I'm just now regaining consciousness. Good post, and welcome back. Now STAY HERE THIS TIME!

Mandy said...

I know I'm late with this...but....


Squid said...

Thanks guys! No worries Mandy :) thank you for the wishes!! Yay we get to see you soon!

Jim, I promise I'll stay this time :)

rosalina red rose said...

I am happy that you turned 21 and haven't died of alcohol poisoning yet. Woohoo. But seriously many congrats.
As for Cori, Max was telling me about her and it almost sounds like what I had in 2005. Blech. No fun. I hope she gets well soon.