Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It rained yesterday.

I think a girl could live off the taste of rain.

New found friends, pot-lucks, weddings, adventures, movie nights, late-night Shari's, shopping expeditions, new holes in head, visits from out of town.

These are the reasons I look forward to the day. I probably could have spent more time studying or doing "something productive". But for me this is what life is about, the friends you hold dear to you, the family you make. We only get one shot at our days, and I am sick of hearing that I need to play the role of Juliet, I'm auditioning for Mercutio's role in life.

I recently saw the movie "Water". WARNING: Yes the movie is very sad and depressing, but I believe it is very much worth watching. It talked a lot about truth and one of the lines that stuck out at me was, "To talk about the truth is easy but to live by it is not." And a line from Gandhi, (it's not completely quoted but this is the best I can do) "For a long time I thought God was truth, then I learned that truth is God." I need to find my own truth, we all do. Finding the truth that is within us, is what, I think gives us happiness, and ability to see the greatness in everyone else. Life is about finding our truths.


Dr. Smith said...

you may find that there is no 'truth' or that truth is what we make of it.

Modig_Bjorn said...

Or that 'truth' is just an illusion put forth by 'the man' to keep us down! ;)

Nice post Brit!

Flynn said...

a fun week all-in-all. I like your new ring, it's cute.

As for Water, good God! Although it is beautify done, and the acting is as top notch as l've seen, it is made of sad. that movie is so depressingit made me want to cut the nearest Emo.. . Ya, that bad. But I highly recommend it to anyone!

His Sinfulness said...

I thought I found truth inside me once... turned out it was just gas.

Rose said...

I looooooooove the lip ring. Life is all about love. Heart!