Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Because Mandy Said I Should...

And my brain is still fried from Pride this weekend.

5 Things In My Refrigerator
- bottled water
- Bacon
- Turkey lunch meat
- Diet Pepsi (Jen’s not mine)
- and a bunch of to-go boxes that have probably turned into science experiments as well

5 Things In My Closet
- A tote filled with Christmas lights and bedding
- 16 ties that really don’t match anything else I own
- 8 pairs of wearable shoes
- At least 6 different clothes with plaid on them
- A black and pink checker-boarded dress

5 Things In My Workbag/Backpack/Purse
Yep this is for my backpack.
- Two books (The Fuck-Up By: Arthur Nersesian and The Perks of Being a Wallflower By: Stephen Chbosky)
- a notebook
- An Athens Boys choir Patch, not sure why in the backpack instead of on it.
- A package of high-lighters
- A fossilized piece of a squid (a present from a friend)

5 Things In My CarWell,
I don’t have a car so this one is kind of pointless

5 People I Tag
- Jim
- Benny K
- Brian
- Bri
- Mat

Plus One- Michael J. Fox

1 comment:

Mandy said...

*blink* There is something inherently wrong with a Squid carrying around fossilized squid bits.

thanks for playing along, sweets.