Monday, January 02, 2006

Three Years...too short...or too long?

My train leaves Unoin Station in Denver for Chicago in about 7 hrs and 10 minutes. I am all packed, have my outfit for Wicked, I thought about taking my suit to wear but decided that might not be the best idea or way to handle the situation. My train survival kit from Ainsley and Lauren has been rearranged into my backpack. I am having to remind myself to breathe. I am terrified to see my mom again because a part of me still wants her love and acceptance, I know its almost not worth it but she is still my mom. I realized today that I haven't seen her in three years.


Clayton said...

don't stay long, and be sure to drop hints that your life partner is pregnant. "We think it may be the landlord; but we can't be sure, there was so much extacy done that night after all..."

His Sinfulness said...

Clay is on the right track. Let her know with subtle hints that you are a grwon-up now, and she'd better behave or she'll never see her new grandkid. "I want a simple little trailer down by the river, but she wants to move into the ashram with all the other hare krishnas. I think I'm just not quite ready for that kind of haircut." That'll keep her in line.

Benny said...

And if the going gets difficult, remember love exists between you both. Other things may seem more pertinant or present, but love exists.