Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What Can I Say I Have No Excuse.

I could go on to say as Linus suggested that I am a punkass and this will never happen again, but in all honesty it probably will, sorry guys.

One exciting thing that has happend recently is that my hair is no longer a natural color, yipee!! Saturday of Labor Day weekend, 5 of us pilled in Linus' car with four bottles of hair dye, a bleach kit, and hungry stomachs for Thai food. Linus, Mark, Tessa, Gina, and myself met Rachel and her sister, Anne, at the Thai Pepper for some much needed ethnic food. From there we wondered around 3 blocks of Ft. Collins and then took off to Rachel's house in Loveland for yet another grand hair dying adventure. While at dinner I had still not decided on how exactly I was going to dye my hair so Linus said," Fuck it, we are just going to blind fold you and you'll have deal with what we do to your hair." Everyone else liked the idea and well I don't care really so long as it has some color to it. They even had a secret meeting and this is what came from it enjoy :)

I have been trying to adjust and tell myself that it is really ok that I am not taking classes this semester. I am getting into the rythm of getting up every morning at 6:30 and am learning to talk back to angry New Yorkers, who call me yelling "Why is my cable turned off?!!" I figure at the rate I am making money I should be able to save enough by December to go back to school in the spring although, I might just work for an entire year so I have enough money saved to go to school for a complete year.

Fridays are my days to pretend that I am still a student on campus. I spend part of the mornings in the RRC, and let me tell you it is just not the same without Abra and Christin being there, no donughts for diversity, but it is someplace familar to go. I take my backpack with only my notebook and whatever novel I am reading for the week to the 3rd and 4th floors of Coe Library, somehow feeling like I am in enemy terriotry or that I am a traitor. I browse the shelves, pulling books from random and taking them to a desk and try to learn from them what I can in 2hrs or so. I haven't absorbed much in the two Fridays so far. Lunch is usually spent with who ever I happen upon in the Union which can somedays be a lot of people, and my afternoons are usually spent in whatever computer lab Tessa is working in for a while. I do however have an appointment with the student attorney on Friday to discuss my issue with financial aid, see if there is absolutly anyway around the stupid dependent rules because I have come to the conclusion that I cannot be the only person in this predicament.

At first I think no one is home and then I see you walking to answer the door, eyes glazed and groggy with sleep, hair touseld from the nap I just woke you from. You open the door, smile at me, my heart catches in my throat, at least that is what I think it is because for the moment I feel I can't breathe and the rushing of the blood in my ears is almost to loud to hear over. You ask me what is up. And for a second I forget what I came for... ... oh yeah, your heart.

I have found some new friends that I have been hanging out with a lot more. Not that I don't love the friends I have now, but is nice to have time with other friends since most of us live in the same house now, Flock Hall. We shall calll my new found friends "The Sarah's" because well, that is what we call them. There are two Sarah's and they live in the same house and usually have people over at their house, there is always something going on. Thursdays have become supper nights with them and all of our friends. I am still the youngest of that group but they are all closer to my age so it is not to bad ;) We hang out listen to hippie music like Phish and Modest Mouse, and discuss philosophy sometimes over the occasional bottle of whiskey shared between about 7 of us or some hope.

For now life goes on pretty much as it always has, one day at a time with time always trying to steal the day away, but it is the sunsets and crisp air of autumn that is around the corner in the mornings that are semi-grey on my way to work that are making it. It is the smiles and sincere words from friends that come unexpected that steal my day back away from time for a while.

"Yes sir, the cable box has to be plugged in....yes, to an electrical outlet...and the power turned on in order for you to watch the tennis match sir....no sir if it just ejected something, that would be your VCR...no I don't know where they would have installed your cable box."


Mandy said...

I miss my brilliantly colored squid-type friend so very much!

I listened to Flogging Molly all of last weekend on my way to and from Phoenix.

I love you!

Squid said...

I love you too! And miss you bunches! You should email me your new addy because I might have a present for you. :)