Monday, April 11, 2005

Blogger ate my Blog

So, upon helping Christin paste links into her template we discovered that my blog, was getting the file not found error. I found this quite odd, although I have not done anything or checked my blog in quite a few days it should have been just fine. I logged into to blogger and it said I have no blog. So here we are. I guess one could look at this as a new beginning or some crap, really it is more just shitty. Starting over this time...hopefully this does not become a reacurring thing.


Raksha said...

That sucks 12 kinds of ass, dude.

Mandy said...

I meant to mention this to you...but have been spacier than usual the last couple times I've seen you.

Thought maybe you decided to delete it.

Glad it was just an error ...not a deletion

His Sinfulness said...

12 kinds of ass...?

Boney White Girl Ass (Paris Hilton)
Ghetto Booty Ass (J-Lo)
Middle-aged Lack of Ass (Hank Hill)
Ass You Can Never Look At (Rachel Hastings)

I'm at a loss - we need 8 more kinds...

Squid said...

Eeewwww, Bad Linus, no throne.

Nerdygirl said...

Ass So Big You HAVE To Look (Yo Mamma)
Jack-Ass (Linus)
Street Corner Ass (All of us when we're broke)
Ass Pony (Jim)

There's four more...come on people! Get creative!

Raksha said...

Ass Goblin (Pat Robertson)
Big Red Baboon Ass (Name Withheld)
Punk Ass (Brittany)

And finally...

Smart Ass (Stephen Hawking)

(There was a Dennis Franz joke in here somewhere, but I just couldn't find it.)

Clayton said...

Hey, I thought we were gonna keep my big red baboon ass on the downlow.

I live in fear of losing my blog too.